About Global Care

What is Global Care?

Global Care is a semiconductor and equipment industry initiative designed to establish a framework on which the diverse membership of SEMI can build and strengthen commitment to the environment, health and safety (EHS).

The commitment is based on five key principles:

  • Workplace Health and Safety
    Seek to prevent injury and illness in the workplace; provide safeguards and training for employees and contractors within the workplace.
  • Resource Conservation
    Seek to design, build and operate manufacturing and office facilities that optimize water, energy, chemical and material use and reduce waste generation and emissions to the air, water and land.
  • Product Stewardship
    Seek to minimize the environmental impact of products and/or services.
  • Community Service
    Seek to positively impact and strengthen the quality of life within the communities and neighborhoods in which we live and work. Through outreach, education, participation and compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we seek to govern and manage our operations consistent with the foregoing commitments to workplace health and safety; resource conservation; and product stewardship.
  • Excellence
    Systematically set company goals and measure performance related to Global Care principles and excellence in EHS management practices.

Global Care provides a unique opportunity for companies in our industry to express their commitment to the environment, health and safety while unifying the entire industry behind the principles.

Value of Global Care

Global Care delivers value to individual companies, the industry, and society in the following ways:

  • The adoption and integration of Global Care principles within the business plans of participating SEMI members demonstrates the industry’s commitment to excellence in EHS.
  • Global Care enables participating companies to effectively collaborate in the continuous improvement of EHS performance and communicate these achievements in a strong, unified voice.
  • Achievements generated through Global Care will result in a keen awareness, recognition and fundamental confidence by customers, investors, suppliers, and neighbors that this segment of the semiconductor industry is a proactive, responsible member of the global community and capable stewards of resources used by the industry.

Commitments of Global Care Members

Joining Global Care requires companies to make the following key commitments:

  • Submit a CEO letter of commitment
  • Implement the five Global Care principles
  • Display copies of the Global Care principles at member’s offices and facilities
  • Demonstrate a high-level corporate commitment and a systematic approach to fulfilling the principles. Within six months of the initial commitment, each company is expected to return to SEMI a brief description of their Global Care implementation plan including a summary of any ongoing EHS efforts.
  • Be willing to support efforts to share EHS knowledge and guidance with other Global Care members.
  • Report on tangible results of practices and progress under each principle by completing a brief annual survey
  • Over time, point to tangible results on practices described under each principle

Additionally each CEO appoints a Global Care liaison to support meeting the commitments and to work with other Global Care members to strengthen the initiative.

To Become A Global Care Member

For more information on joining Global Care, click here for the Global Care brochure in English and here for the Global Care brochure in Japanese. Included are the principles, benefits and responsibilities of Global Care.

For an application form or additional information on joining Global Care, please contact Sanjay Baliga.

Global Care Resources

EHS Success Stories

EHS success stories are now being collected as examples of how Global Care members are demonstrating the spirit of Global Care. Click here to see the latest stories.

Global Care Members

The following 67 companies are the current members of Global Care: