B2B Matchmaking


MEMS and Imaging Summit B2B Matchmaking


Take advantage of our B2B Matchmaking tool (free of charge) and get in touch with potential business partners before MEMS and Imaging Summit 2018. Identify potential business-/cooperation partners or customers using the online system for meeting requests. Search for visitors and schedule your meetings and build your custom schedule and make appointments in advance. Take advantage of this exclusive feature and opportunity to promote your participation at MEMS and Imaging Summit 2018 in advance. 


Where and when:

The B2B Matchmaking area is located in the conference venue World Trade Center (WTC), on the 2nd floor in the Exhibition Area (Room Mont Blanc). Meet up at our B2B welcome counter, each time slot lasts 30 minutes. Matchmaking hours begin and end with the show hours. In addition, exhibitors can offer their booth as a meeting location.

Meetings can be organized on Thursday 20th from 8:00 to 18:00; and on Friday 21st, from 8:00 to 14:00.


How it works: 

All registered delegates will receive an e-mail with their personal login/information on B2B on September 4th, when the platform is opening. All the agendas will be sent 1 day before the Summits begin.
If you already registered for the conference but didn´t sign up for the B2B Matchmaking service yet, you will still receive an e-mail on September 4th with the link to inscribe. 
Don´t worry, you are still on time! 

Follow the link HERE and remember to
 tick the box “yes, I would like to participate in B2B Matchmaking” at the end of MEMS and Imaging Summit registration. 


IMPORTANT Information: Only delegates and exhibitors can participate. If you are registered as booth staff (for exhibitor badges) only, please re-register.

The B2B Matchmaking requires an official registration (when registering, tick the Box “yes, I would like to participate in B2B Matchmaking” at the end of MEMS and Imaging Summit registration).
Since booth staff is usually registered via one key contact with only name and email address, it is essential, that every person who would like to register for B2B Matchmaking completes the registration form.



For technical information and support, please contact

Insight Outside
E-mail: semi@inviteo.fr