European SEMI Award Guidelines

The Award

The European SEMI Award has been established to recognize significant contributions to the European semiconductor, microsystems, photovoltaic and display industries by individuals working in universities, research institutes or industry. This award, which demonstrates the industry’s high esteem for the recipient, is given annually.


The European Awards Committee consists of experts representing semiconductor, microsystem and photovoltaic related manufacturing companies, equipment and materials suppliers, research institutes and universities. The committee reviews nominations and applications and selects the award recipient.


Eligible candidates have produced a significant advancement, product or invention of exceptional value to the semiconductor, microsystem or photovoltaic industry.

Selection Guidelines

The contribution(s) should be related to the semiconductor, photovoltaic, microsystems, display, or lighting industries.

Preferably, the contribution to be recognized is, or is related to:

  • Equipment for wafer fabrication.
  • Metrology equipment.
  • Equipment for assembly/test.
  • The preparation of materials of importance to the above-mentioned industries.
  • Technology or design inventions. (The contribution does not have to be hardware. Significant process inventions or enhancements also qualify).

Whatever the form, the contribution must have made a profound impact upon one of the manufacturing industries listed above.

The scope of the contribution is the key issue – did it have a major impact on the overall industry?
There are many contributions which affect specific, narrow areas of manufacturing. Some of these may be worthy of awards. However, preference for the European SEMI Award will be given to those contributions, which are of a broad nature, having significance to the overall semiconductor, microsystems, photovoltaic or display industries.

The contribution must have been utilized in the semiconductor, microsystems, photovoltaic or display industries for at least three years.
Truly profound contributions are judged and proved worthy over a period of years. To be considered, a contribution must have demonstrated its commercial value for three years before it can be submitted for consideration.

The recipient may be either the originator of the contribution or one who has made significant enhancements, which enabled its successful implementation into the commercial market.
We tend to think of originators or inventors as the key persons in the introduction of new technology. In many cases, this is not true. Another person may see more clearly the value of the idea, develop it into a useful from and successfully apply it within the semiconductor, microsystems, photovoltaic or display industries. If this is the case, the implementer is worthy of the award.

A particular emphasis is placed upon the long range contributions of an individual to our industry.
Multiple contributions by an individual to a science or technology over a period of years or contributions in a variety of disciplines will, in most cases, take precedence over a single contribution. This is an opportunity to honor our industry’s heroes.

Areas of Consideration

The following list of possible award categories is only a guide for determining the contribution of a nominee:

  • Process Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Process Control/Inspection
  • Assembly/Packaging
  • Test
  • Robotics/Automation
  • Standardization

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