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Stand out as a leader! ISS Europe is a conference with a history of bringing influential industry leaders together to address and collaborate on the important issues facing the European microelectronics industry. The ISS platform provides networking and all the information needed to align strategies and to grasp on new opportunities.
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Sponsoring the ISS Europe event will make your company stand out as a leader in the European microelectronics industry and will leave a strong impression of your brand in peoples minds. Via ISS Europe sponsorship you can:
• Build awareness among device, equipment and material manufacturers from over 16 different countries
• Address over 2400 executives via media and direct pre-event promotions
• Reach 200 delegates onsite of which over 70% are Executive or Senior Management
• Get significant promotion and presence to manufacturers, vendors, government officials, financial analysts,
  media and others within the European community

Sponsors 2017 


ASM is a leading global supplier of semiconductor wafer process equipment, including epitaxy, ALD, CVD and thermal process tools.  From the very start of the semiconductor industry to the present day, we've been technology leaders who have pioneered innovation and brought new processes into volume manufacturing. In recent years, we brought Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Plasma Enhanced ALD  from R&D right through to advanced mainstream production.  A key to our success lies in our commitment to R&D, from developing basic chemistries, to cooperative joint developments, to implementing new processes and equipment at our customer's production sites.
For more information, please visit: www.asm.com
Atotech is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals and equipment for the printed circuit board, IC-substrate, and semiconductor industries. Atotech provides leading technology solutions for wafer metallization, for chip interconnects and advanced packaging technologies, including dual Damascene, RDL, pillar, pad metallization, UBM, through via filling, and TSV applications. Its' semiconductor portfolio includes high purity chemistries and optimized process solutions for electroless and electrochemical deposition. With the addition of MultiPlate, an innovative plating tool for next generation packaging, Atotech now also offers a turnkey solution for ECD packaging technologies. 
Atotech's TechCenter and Systems approach enables it to support customers worldwide, providing timely and consistent sampling, as well as on-site presence at the customer site. The foundation of Atotech's global strategy includes the prioritization of high purity manufacturing and quality assurance, and extensive R&D programs for in-house synthesis of additives and next generation products. Additionally, Atotech is committed to developing and implementing innovative and sustainable technologies that allows its customers to minimize production costs, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve process efficiency. 
For more information, please visit www.atotech.com 



Bosch has been at the forefront of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology since the very beginning, and today is the world’s leading manufacturer of MEMS sensors. Since 1995, Bosch has delivered around 7 billion MEMS sensors. More than 4 million MEMS sensors per day are shipped from Bosch’s state-of-the-art wafer fabrication facility in Reutlingen, Germany. The Bosch group provides sensors for a wide range of automotive and consumer electronics applications, and holds more than 1,000 patents and patent applications related to MEMS technology. 
For more information, please visit www.bosch.com
DAS Environmental Expert GmbH is an environmental technology company focused on the developing and manufacturing of innovative and scalable point-of-use (POU) waste gas abatement systems serving main technology industries such as semiconductor, solar, FPD and LED.Established in 1991 and headquartered in Dresden/Germany, DAS Environmental Expert today employs 280 people in seven offices worldwide.
For more information, please visit www.das-europe.com
DB schenker
DB Schenker provides the full range of logistics services for the hightech industry: Full service portfolio of door to door equipment logistics, cleanroom move-in, procurement logistics (own teams and equipment), spare parts logistics, ramp up of new fabs up to distribution of finished and semi-finished products and in-house services. With 24/7 service, worldwide network of warehousing and distribution centers, quality assurances by ISO and global key account management, DB Schenker understands, consults and supports the global hightech logistics requirements.

For more information, please visit www.dbschenker.de
EBARA Precision Machinery is a leading Global Supplier of Dry Vacuum Pumps, Turbomolecular Pumps, Gas Abatement Equipment and Wafer Processing Tools.


  • Dry Vacuum Pumps
  • Turbomolecular Pumps
  • Waste Gas Treatment Systems
  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing Systems
  • Electroplating Tools
  • Bevel Polishing Tools

EBARA Precision Machinery Europe (EPME) was founded in 1994 as subsidiary of the Japanese EBARA Corporation for the field of Semiconductors and adjacent market areas. With 130 employees, EBARA Europe is engaged in sales and service of its complete product range, including overhaul, refurbishment, installation, application and engineering of larger systems in the Semiconductor and Solar industry. EPME’s strengths are technical innovation, proximity to the customers, fast responsiveness, complete service coverage and full commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

For more information, please visit www.ebara.com


Edwards is recognised as a world leader in providing safe, environmental context driven solutions for the Semiconductor, Solar PV and Flat Panel Display industries. Whether it is our process application expertise, product innovation or our global support network, we are unrivalled in our dedication in maximizing value while lowering your cost of ownership. Edwards stands behind it solutions with integrity and strength, supporting you in your drive for success. Edwards is Essential to Your Process.

For more information, please visit www.edwardsvacuum.com


Apart from Fäth, the FÄTHGROUP consolidates the businesses of HighQ-Factory GmbH and IQ Inspection & Qualification GmbH. The companies of the FÄTHGROUP develop, manufacture, install and qualify customer-specific gas and chemical delivery systems for international customers in the semiconductor, photovoltaic and LED industries.

The range of services is supplemented by the manufacture of innovative slurry recycling plants. Together we stand for fast, innovative and customer-friendly solutions in the field of high purity systems.

For more information, please visit www.faeth-group.com


Imec is the world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. The combination of our widely acclaimed leadership in microchip technology and profound software and ICT expertise is what makes us unique. By leveraging our world-class infrastructure and local and global ecosystem of partners across a multitude of industries, we create groundbreaking innovation in application domains such as healthcare, smart cities and mobility, logistics and manufacturing, and energy.

For more information, please visit


JSR Micro
JSR Micro N.V., based in Leuven, Belgium, is a subsidiary of JSR Corporation, a multinational company employing over 6000 people worldwide and a leading materials supplier in a variety of technology driven markets. JSR’s global network is headquartered in Tokyo. JSR is a research-oriented organization that pursues close collaborations with leading innovators in a number of industries that are key to the present and future welfare of human society: life-sciences, energy storage, synthetic rubbers, electronic materials, display and optical materials. ‘Innovation one-on-one’ summarizes our value proposition to our customers. Through a very early and close collaboration JSR offers its customers a competitive advantage based on leading edge technologies, consistent high quality and balanced cost of ownership.
For more information, please visit www.jsrmicro.be
Lam Research
Lam Research Corp. is a trusted global supplier of innovative wafer fabrication equipment and services to the semiconductor industry.  Lam's broad portfolio of market-leading deposition, etch, and clean solutions helps customers achieve success on the wafer by enabling device features that are 1,000 times smaller than a grain of sand, resulting in smaller, faster, more powerful, and more power-efficient chips.  Through collaboration, continuous innovation, and delivering on commitments, Lam is transforming atomic-scale engineering and enabling its customers to shape the future of technology. 
For more information, please visit www.lamresearch.com
M+W Group GmbH, based in Stuttgart/Germany, is a leading global high-tech engineering company. Established in 1912, the company operates in more than 30 countries. The M+W Group manages projects of all dimensions on behalf of clients from various sectors, including electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, energy and information technology — from semiconductor plants to nanotechnology research centers. The company offers a full range of services from concept and design to turnkey solutions.
For more information, please visit www.mwgroup.net
Ovivo is a global provider of equipment, technology and systems producing among the purest water and treating some of the most challenging wastewater in the industry. Ovivo is a powerful global brand with renowned trademarks, possessing more than 150 years of expertise and references in water treatment, supported by its proprietary products, advanced technologies and extensive system integration knowhow. Ovivo delivers conventional to highly technological water treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets, and leverages its large installed base of equipment around the world to offer parts and services to its customers. Ovivo is dedicated to innovation in an industry that is in constant evolution and offers water treatment solutions that are cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable.
For more information, please visit www.ovivowater.com
peer group
PEER Group provides innovative factory automation software solutions and consulting services to the semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED and other high-technology industries. The world’s best manufacturers turn to PEER Group to solve their most challenging equipment automation, data management and process control problems. With more than 100,000 licenses shipped, we are the leading supplier of equipment connectivity and testing products to automated factories around the globe. Our products and services help lower the cost of automation for high-volume manufacturers and their equipment suppliers.
For more information, please visit www.peergroup.com
Siconnex is a global leading equipment manufacturer for the semiconductor and related industries. Siconnex provides surface preparation equipment and processes, including WET BATCHSPRAY (Etch, Clean, Resist Strip) systems for the III-V semiconductor, MEMS, wireless, power, energy harvesting, WLP, data storage and logic industries.
The Siconnex BATCHSPRAY® technology helps to make innovations such as smartphones, solar panels and power electronics more affordable and accessible to consumers and businesses around the world. Siconnex systems are leading when an extremely small footprint, safety, full automation, high throughput and economical resource consumption is important.
For more information, please visit www.siconnex.com  
Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) is a leading supplier of innovative semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment worldwide. All of TEL's semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment product lines maintain high market shares in their respective global segments. 
For more information please visit www.tel.com/index.htm
What does “VALQUA” mean? It is the collaboration of “VALue” and “QUAlity”, both of which we have been delivering globally for over 90 years as a leading seal manufacturer. Valqua is one of few seal vendors that offer full range of materials for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, from low-grade FKM to high-grade FKM and FFKM, suited for the demanding new semiconductor manufacturing processes.  
Valqua is also a major supplier of Metal Seals, Welded Bellows, and plastics such as PEEK and PTFE. With such diverse materials and products available, we are equipped to offer custom solutions for cutting edge technologies.
For more information, please visit www.valqua.com


Since the company was founded in 1964, VAT has concentrated single-mindedly on vacuum valve technology. We take it as our responsibility to be the best partner worldwide for our customers in the field of vacuum valves.
This multitude of applications requires a wide selection of vacuum valves. VAT can offer the widest range in the world: more than 1000 standard products can be chosen from our catalog. And that’s not all. We see ourselves not just as a supplier of off-the-shelf valves. We also work with our customers to produce special valves and integrated valve systems.
For more information, please visit www.vatvalve.com

Watlow provides semiconductor development teams with innovative thermal systems that give equipment manufacturers a unique competitive advantage. We do this through engineering collaboration and deep domain knowledge delivering high performance solutions at your pace.

For more information, please visit www.watlow.com


For over 35 years, Xycarb Ceramics is the industry leading technology company providing a complete range of advanced technical consumable parts and complementary products and services for the Compound & Silicon Semiconductor-, LED-, and Solar Wafer Processing Industries. Xycarb Ceramics is specialized in consulting & engineering, part supply and repair. We offer a complete range of products in Quartz, Graphite and Advanced Technical Ceramics.  
Our solutions are preferred and utilized by a worldwide range of top customers. Xycarb solutions assist to drive development and increase efficiency in production of advanced devices for the electronic, optic-electronic and solar industry applications.  
For more information, please visit www.xycarb.com