Surface Mount Technology - Equipment Link Standards
- The Standards Suite to Make SMT Assembly Line Smarter -


Last update: March 2, 2020


Equipment Link Standars

“SEMI SMT-ELS (Surface Mount Technology - Equipment Link Standards)” is the Standards suite for SMT assembly line that provides a robust universal interface and adds data communication capabilities to make assembly line smarter. 

SEMI SMT-ELS Standards suite uses the advanced general purpose equipment interface "SEMI A1/A1.1 PESCI (Production Equipment Smart Connection Interface)" for equipment interface tier and uses “SEMI A2 SMASH (Surface Mount Assembler Smart Hookup” that was proposed by major SMT assembly equipment suppliers for SMT assembly line control tier.

SEMI Standards are global standards that have been supporting semiconductor and related manufacturing lines for many years and its development process is open for those who are interested.


What’s new:

Feb. 4-6, 2020

Exhibition at APEX (San Diego, U.S.A.)

Nov. 12-15, 2019

Exhibition at Productronica (Munchen, Germany)

Oct. 25, 2019

SEMI SMT-ELS Freeze Version 0 is published.

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Presentation Material: SEMI_SMT-ELS_2020_0212a​

Standard Documents (Freeze version): SEMI_SMT-ELS_Freeze_Version_2019_1027

Interoperability testing information: Interoperability_Testing_Information_2020_0207​

  • Coming Interoperability Testing: To be announced

For more about SEMI A1 PESCI:


Association Contact

Junko Collins, Director, Standards & EHS /SEMI Japan Email:

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Equipment Link Standars



Abstract of SEMI SMT-ELS

Benefits of SEMI SMT-ELS

SEMI SMT-ELS provides higher level of connectivity and control capabilities of SMT assembly line including:

  • Host-equipment Communication
    • M2M Network setting
    • Production route setting
  • Inter-equipment Communication
    Direct communication between equipment which performs:
    • Immediate product change
    • Panel Data usage mode setting
  • Panel and Panel Data Transfer
    Object Oriented panel transfer which simultaneously transfers a panel with its data.
    • On Demand product change
    • Panel handoff exception handlings (Pause ? Recovery)

SEMI SMT-ELS is highly extendable in its structure for the future requirements.

Equipment Link Standars


SEMI Standards used for SEMI SMT-ELS Standards suite

SEMI SMT-ELS consists of the following SEMI Standards.

  • SEMI A2          Specification for Surface Mount Assembler
                             Smart Hookup (SMASH)
  • SEMI A1          Specification for Production Equipment
                             Smart Connection Interface (PESCI)
  • SEMI A1.1       Specification for TCP/IP Interface for PESCI

Published Standards are available through “SEMIViews” the license to access those documents. Please ask SEMI Staff in your locale for SEMIViews.



Activity Information

For up-to-date information on implementation or revisions, please join SEMI activities below.

SEMI Standards Automation Technology Committee

SEMI Standards Automation Technology (AT) committee is responsible for development and improvement of SEMI SMT-ELS Standards suite, and task forces under the committee are responsible to each document. This activity is open for everyone with free Program Member registration. Please ask SEMI Staff for the registration.

SEMI Flow Manufacturing (FM) Forum

SEMI FM Forum is the place to collaboratively works on implementation knowhow, interoperability testing, feedback, etc. The forum is open for any users and suppliers of SEMI SMT-ELS Standards suite. Please ask SEMI Staff for the registration.


The application of SEMI SMT-ELS has been endorsed by the following companies and association.



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