SMC Korea-Agenda






09:05-09:35Keynote 1. Advanced Transistor Evolution – Technologies for 5 nm and Beyond
 Naomi Yoshida, Applied Materials
09:35-10:05Keynote 2. Advanced Semiconductor Materials for Next-Generation Challenges
 George Barclay, DuPont Electronics & Imaging
10:05-10:35Keynote 3. EUV Patterning Challenges and Opportunities
 Frédéric Lazzarino, imec
Session 1: Advanced Materials
10:55-11:25Wet-chemical Process Challenges for Advanced Logic Device Fabrication
 Dennis van Dorp, imec
11:25-11:55Study of Removal Rate Control in Ruthenium CMP
 Yugo Tai, JSR
11:55-12:25Trends of Wafer Technology
 Sungpyo Jung, SK Siltron
13:30-14:00Enabling Incoming Material Defectivity Qualification with Un-Patterned Wafer Inspection
 Ming Feng Li, KLA
14:00-14:30Future of Quality in CMP Slurries
 Laura Matz, Versum Materials
Session 2: Quality Control
14:50-15:20How the Materials Ecosystem Influences Semiconductor Manufacturing Performance
 Yohan Ahn, Entegris
15:20-15:50Start-up Performance and Pattern Defectivity Improvement Using 2 nm Rated Nylon Filter Developed with Lithography Filtration Expertise
 Seung Jin Baek, Pall
15:50-16:20Advanced Metrology for Measuring Contamination and Managing Risk in Semiconductor Manufacturing
 Dan Rodier, Particle Measuring System(PMS)
Session 3: Collaboration
16:40-17:10The Future of the Material Quality in Memory Volume Production
 Sueryeon Kim, Samsung Electronics
17:10-17:40Material Management for the Advanced Semiconductor
 Dongjun Lee, SK hynix
17:40-18:30Networking Reception
*The agenda will be subject to change without notice.
*After conference, it is available to download the presentation files, which are agreed by speaker.